Options for Making Payments

Your monthly payment is due by the 25th of each month.  This due date cannot be changed.  

The Trustee’s office cannot accept payments brought to his office and all payments will need to be made directly to the Trustee’s bank using the following three options:

  1. Internet electronic transfer at www.TFSbillpay.com.  Please be advised that a payment may take up to five business days to post if made online.
  2. MoneyGram® Service - Call the TFS MoneyGram® at (888) 739-2749 for information.
  3. Mail a cashier’s check or money order to the Trustee’s bank at
Lon A. Jenkins
Chapter 13 Trustee
3111 Momentum Place
Chicago, IL 60689-5331

To ensure that your payment is credited to your bankruptcy case, include the following information with every plan payment: Name, Address, Bankruptcy Case Number.