FDIC BankFIND (allows you to locate FDIC-insured banking institutions):  https://research.fdic.gov/bankfind/

Government Mailing Address List: https://www.utb.uscourts.gov/forms/governmental-mailing-address-list

National Data Center (NDC) (access case data including claims filed and history of payments and disbursements): www.ndc.org

ShareFile (website for ATTORNEYS that allows secure transmission of documents to the Trustee): https://ch13ut.sharefile.com/r/r113aba12dd349608. For ShareFile instructions, please click here

TFS (electronic plan payments): www.tfsbillpay.com

Trustee Education Network Financial Management Course (free class, approved by the United States Trustee Program, that satisfies the financial management education requirement to receive a discharge): www.13class.com

United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah:  https://www.utb.uscourts.gov/

United States Trustee Program: www.justice.gov

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